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Reflexive Verbs in the Perfect Tense

This exercise is not case sensitive. Do not use full stops or commas. You may need to cut and paste accents from the list on the right.  If the exercise does not work on your device click the link below for a direct link:

In the perfect tense you just need to remember 2 things:

1: position of the reflexive pronoun.

2: agreement of the past participle as all reflexives take être. 

In the perfect tense reflexive verbs take this model:

Je me suis amusé.

The me goes before the helping verb.

Note contractions:

Je me

Tu t'es

Il / elle / on s'est

Agreements work as they would normally in the perfect tense:

Elle s'est amusée

Elles se sont amusées

Il s'est amusé

Ils se sont amusés


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